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Our Approach

Our approach to delivering Meta success

Delivering a successful Meta strategy involves careful planning, execution, and ongoing monitoring and optimisation to achieve your company’s specific goals...

Your campaign objective is the business goal you hope to achieve by running your ads. This is bizarrely overlooked by businesses and is integral to making sure the campaigns we deliver as part of the strategy are successful and beneficial.

We will study your competitors to identify gaps and opportunities in your industry. This can help you position your brand effectively.

We will declare if your ads are related to credit, employment or housing, or about social issues, elections or politics. Requirements differ by country.

We ensure that your Meta strategy complies with policies and guidelines to avoid any posibility of penalties or account suspension.

Our ad technology automatically finds your audience. If you share an audience suggestion, we’ll prioritise audiences matching this profile before searching more widely.

We use Facebook Insights and other analytics tools to track progress. Common KPIs include reach, engagement, leads generated, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

ActivelyAds offer an ‘all-inclusive’ service that includes ad creation, ad spend, account management and reporting software.

To help improve ad performance, we test versions with different images, text, audiences or placements. For accuracy, each one will be shown to separate groups of your audience.

We use feedback to make improvements and refine your strategy over time.

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